116 CR 4842,  Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
We have these babies on the ground.  Most will be FOR SALE at weaning.  Prior
to that, they may be purchased and payment arrangements are available until
they are weaned.
2 yr old filly was born 2/8/18.  She is
remaining a buttermilk buckskin as
she sheds off her foal fuzz.   She is
available for sale, please call for
Jessies Fancy
Ryde -
 Fancy made
us wait until 5/15/18 to
see baby Ryde.  He
was worth the wait.  
This is one colt sure to
turn heads and will be
for sale upon weaning.
We are liking him as a
stallion prospect.
******* 2019 Foals  *******
TOR Heavenly
Sunlight - Sunni

Jackie and Jessie hit the
mark with this long legged
filly.  She is as affectionate
and as athletic as she is
precious.  3/24/19
TOR The Solid Rock  -
This grulla colt is an
awesome stallion prospect..He has
it all to bring to your breeding
progam as well as being the perfect
size and talent to make a great
rope horse with lots of dun factor.
******* 2019 Foals  *******
******* 2019 Foals  *******
******* 2019 Foals  *******
******* 2020 Foals  *******
TOR Trump MAGA 2020 -  
Trump is a sweet powerful soul
destined to make a difference with
a fiery exterior.  This colt is a tank
with a pedigree.  Stallion quality
and has Poco Bueno on his
papers.  You would be hard
pressed to pack more greats into
his heritage.   $4500
TOR A Special Treat - Treat
is fast!!!! She loves to run and can out
run her siblings by a long shot.  She is
unique in coloring as she has black
points but blonde mane.  She is my
keeper filly this year.
TOR Dun the Trick  - Trick and
Treat were born minutes apart.  Trick
is a Grulla stud colt that started
herding mares at 6 weeks old.  He has
stallion potential or will make an
outstanding horse able to go in any