We have recently made the move across the State of Texas from Fort
Stockton to our new ranch in Mount Pleasant, .Although the facilities are still  
a work in progress our goals remain the same.  We are breeding,old time
FOUNDATION quarter horses that are sane, sound, athletic and easy to look
at.  Our horses are bred to chase a cow and can be taken in  any direction.  
We are a family with a long time rodeo history and currently have three
generations of active Ropers.  As such we have seasoned rope horses and
future prospects available for sale most of the time.

We also raise a few registered LONGHORNS at the ranch.
We feel blessed beyond belief to have found our new ranch property.  After struggling to
function in the winds and dust of the west Texas desert for 12 years, this is a little slice of

I always said I wanted:
GRASS - 37 acres of improved hay pastures.
TREES - woods on the perimeter and old oaks spotting the pasture.
WATER - a live creek in the middle and 1000 feet of Lakefront  at the back.

Watch for the many planned additions coming soon.


116 CR 4842,  Mount Pleasant, TX 75455